AL SHUWAIKH Livestock carrier

Romania should be ashamed of this trade
Live exports to the MIDDLE East
On their souls is laid
The fate of so many
70000 or so
Innocent animals
Part of the flow
Of life going forwards
From the dreaded EU
Aboard these old ships
With their most motley crew
With the Kuwait flag
What we now see
Is animal slaves
Murdered on the salt sea

Its ungodly to transport
Vast numbers abroad
In the heat and their stress
No one can afford
These are feeling mothers
their unfallen state
They are blameless and guiltless
Yet they all have to wait
Crammed close together
Unable to stand
Sat on and squeezed into
If this was planned
It’s wicked and sinful
We abandon them there
And they can slowly cook
And we are just not aware

Of the agony suffered
The stress that befalls
Each to his own
In life’s bitter squalls
Some suffer greatly
Others get through
But all are affected
By what shipments do
Many do sicken many do die
Some will get lame
Don’t ask me why
A duty of care is missing
And they
Give up the ghost
Being All made to pay

They get dehydrated
When the water runs out
They shit where they stand
There is little doubt
It’s just contempt for them
They suffer so
And on arrival they
Die and most of them know
Halal is the thing there
The slit throat brigade
Bundled into the cars into trucks
They are made
To realise actually
They will soon die
Imagine that feeling
Under the sky

manhandled by groups
These souls are alive
They are stressed out of their minds
Trying to survive
For this this attack
This evil accord
To get to the Middle East
And face the sword
Humiliation is everywhere
An affront an insult
To the duty of care
Contempt and disdainfulness
Thats what we see
Scoffing and mocking

Wilful neglect
They should be arrested
Live exports to the MIDDLE EAST
Is outrage and we
Should do all we can
To stop live exports by sea


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