Animals aid unlimited
Here for every one
It makes no difference
Who they are
For when the day is done
Like “Tinker”
he just couldn’t see
His little eyes said no
so Bunged up with pestilence
And his sight it just did go
Wandering just aimlsssly
Not knowing what to do
Clearly in a lot of pain
He was clueless to
Why and so the angels came
And took him back to see
Sedated him and then they saw
Them crawling vividly
His eyes were being eaten
By maggots and the pain
Must Have just been awful
His whole life was in vain
But the street angels were on his case
Aiding his distress
Pulling all the maggots out
Which minimised his stress

And now he is really full of it
Six days of love and care
Banished all that pestilence
When people are aware
Any soul with any problem
Clearly can receive
Healing it’s revealing
If we just believe

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