We must never forget them

12 months ago the ship left Freemantle
Thousands of sheep loaded they
Were stressed out of their minds
Having come from all over the place
You can just see the signs
From farm to the port
Ventilation not good
No food and no drink
And they know
What’s going to happen
Live exports to somewhere
It’s stressful as fair well you know

Crammed into small pens
Sharing the air
Sharing the stench
Of the closeness they share
From Australia to the Middle East
It is A punishment they
All were condemned
An outlawed to pay

With their lives a death warrant
Placed on their head
And many of course
Would be falling dead
Before they got where
They were supposed to be going
Guilty of living
The stresses were showing

Incompetence high
Improbity too
Wrongful unlawful
It’s what shippers do
Unspotted unblemished
Callow and naive
Face to face with the wicked
Who won’t even grieve

It’s a business
These shipments
are lucrative they
Need to carry on
At the end of the day
That’s the meat trade
The shippers the minister who
Have Faced all the lobbyists
It’s what they do

The voiceless say little
And animal Rights
We can label them terrorists
Troublesome sprites
There’s an amoral sentiment
It’s in the air
Unprincipled erring
Which really does scare

Those of us seeing
The abandonment here
And what is indefensible
Flagrant and drear
It’s all about business
The bottom line
The Middle East contracts
Where everything’s fine

Lots of self-interest
Go-getters they
Show their covetous thoughts
At the end of the day
Can you feel the irreverence
Oh boy it’s there
The sheep are the victims
And they are aware

Many are mothers
Some will give birth
On the voyage sense the feeling
Now not on gods earth
But on the high seas
With the wake and the roar
Being pushed tight together
And feeling quite sore

The offhanded workers
Share their expletives
Being one of the sheep
The humiliation
We have low esteem
There is no salvation

This journey we are on
We know it to be
Halal and beyond
The new Hell tragically
It just isn’t here
Their bounden duty
Coursing with fear

It’s all happened before
On the shipments abroad
Where so many of us
Die by the sword
It’s been our forfeiture
We just abdicate
All of our feelings
We just have to wait

Answerable to god
For man doesn’t care
His wilful neglect
Is just everywhere
The temperature is rising
The water troughs dry
It’s harder to breathe
And the stench it is high

We all have loose Bowels
At the end of the day
Feeling wronged and infringed
Being made to pay
Where is true rightfulness
Where is morality
Demanded and claimable
Above board and honesty

Where is their compassion
Their fellow feeling
This is what gets to us
It’s not appealing
Dry-eyed and callous
They turn their deaf ears
Away from what’s happening
And can’t see our tears

The black clouds we see them
The thunder we hear
The ship really rocking
For us it’s all clear
The cursing and swearing
The misanthropy
The lack of concern
And the severity

Fazel Ullah he filmed us
So we at least can be evidence
Then possibly
Animal rights and David Littleproud
Can well have some truths
So the great AFP
Might get involved
They need to for we

Are sitting ducks really
On the salty sea
There is no goodwill
No tenderness
Lots of abuse
And breaks of stress
Mothers have given birth
Their babies lie
In everyone’s excrement
Which is where they die

So grieving mothers
Protecting the dead
We do not have water
And that has led
To Sourness and gruffness
An ill tempered souls
We are being trodden on
Scoring no goals

Not any more
Wrathfulness grows
Great bursts of anger
I mean it just shows
Everywhere all of us
Stressed to the end
Impatience a sore point
We had made a friend

But now she is scowling
In a boiling rage
Dispossessed by the angels
And now off the page
Emanuel Exports
We wonder now how
They got export license
Why would they allow

Such undue arrogance
Such tyranny
And so much neglect
How can it be
Shipment after shipment
Inspections and all
Yet so much Indifference
They break every rule

We are ever so fearful
We panic we cry
We mistrust the lot of you
We know we will die
They are falling around our feet
Some vomiting blood
Shaking and weeping
In our self made flood

Of feces and urine
Hopelessness kills
The heat just instils
It turns your face ashen
It makes your eyes weep
You hear the hearts beating
When you are trying to sleep

On the Agassi’s express
On that August day
When hundreds dropped dead
And in puke they did lay
We never saw humans
They just didn’t care
Gasping for air
Wanting to share

Brightness our great goddess
Her auspicious light
We sought her protection
We knew she would fight
For us she gave us hope
At the end of the day
As we struggled to breathe
Being just made to pay

2400 of us closed our blue eyes
Sunk on our knees
The timid the wise
Some weeping some wailing
Hysterics prevailing
Anguish and torture
Our waking nightmare
Being tossed by the sea
Our angst everywhere

The dead some were taken dragged
Off to be
Dumped with the shit
In slings in the sea
All of the evidence
Thrown overboard
For NEPTUNE to counter
Their ripe bones to hoard

At the port on arrival
Halal the name
Of the religious practice
Most of us game
For any persuasion
Throats severed and gone
One last sweep
And the Australian con

Fixed in our minds
For ever that we
Were scapegoats
Just profitability
Downtrodden and martyred
Crushed and prostrate
Riddled with misery
Aware of our fate

The meat trade
Are monsters
The shippers are too
Live exports are evil
And so what you do
All of you angels
Stop this please try
The agony we all felt
And it’s no lie

No laughing matter
We had to go
And Australian farmers
Their obtuseness we know
Their unconcern
It’s in their eyes
Passionless spiritless
Ale swigging guys.

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