They set light to our horns
Which burned our eyes
So We charge through the flesh
Of the none too wise
The ugly Spaniards
Tanked up on
The sangria
A bottle gone
then the cruelty
It begins
Spanish culture
Sin of sins
Bunglers lowbrows
Thickheads greehorns
With All the signs
Of heartless youth
Who get their fix
Their Sheningans
And assorted tricks
Approving torture
And lots of pain
Retarded really
And so insane
We bulls we bear no malice
taught by HATHOR to break free
Forgiving forgetting we forgo
But we sometimes fight
Tnats when they know
Their lunacy for thats what it is
Pyromaniacs as we fizz
And bubble and burst
Our eyes afire
The tormenters
Expect life to get dire
We aim for your belly
Perhaps your thigh
To bury our horns
And really try
To make a statement
To help you deal
With hours of agony
As you heal
Blistering dread
And mobility
in a world of affliction
And jeopardy

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