The moorlands are spectacular
Managed maybe so
But created by the almighty hand
Of the gods of long ago
“Lagopus lagopus Scotia”
The red grouse that is I
An autumnal plumage of red and brown
A black tail and white legs
I fly
Faster than some
and slower than others
Out over the moorlands where we
Love the rich heather
It’s sweet verdant shoots
And, It’s tiny bell flowers
Growing free
Some pink and some purple
Creations broad brush
The palette of ochres and
Speckles and flush
Low growing vegetation
Wild and discreet
Moorlands of majesty
Rise from ancient peat

Where Plover and Curlew
And we like to be
With the sheep on the hillsides
The intensity
Of what are wild spaces
Soft hues and quiet
Weathered and faded
away in the light
Colours of topaz and of old gold
They shine
Onto willow green herbage
That grows in a line
Grasses and mosses
Leafy and clear
The moorlands of Yorkshire
Bring most of us cheer

Ericaceous Callana Vulgaris
It’s pink and mauve bells
Quietly peal
It’s whether the Heather
Is healthy and tasty
There or not red grouse enjoy each meal
There is something that is fulfilling
You can’t put your beak on it, but we
Love it to bits it’s so tender
All the fresh leaves can’t you see
The buzz of the bee and the lacewing
To pollinate is the desire
To scoop up and taste the rich nectar
And take in the internal fire

The glorious 12 th till the 10 th of December
Is when certain humans believe they have space
To come to the moorlands with shotguns
And kill many birds
With beaters a beating all over the place
and shooters a shooting
And victims a falling
Out of the sky
At a very fast pace

Down below we have shooters
Bankers and globalists
On massive salaries
Taking it in
Taking advantage
Of this wondrous moorland
And what they do
They don’t see it as sin

It’s sport it’s where kings and nobleman
Come to
Drink vintage wine and smoke Cubans,and they
Take out of the sky with their shot guns
A’ blazing
Bird after bird whole flocks will pay
Lead flying everywhere yes it’s toxicity
These butt heads haven’t a care in the world
We are now nothing for these bods to eat us
Sadly we lose it and then we are hurled
Down in a spiral of death and destruction
Bleeding inside and wondering why
Humans do pointless things just for the fun of it
Where Possibly over a thousand will die

That is our lot really destiny suffers
The whirl of our wings sends us high in the sky
Their discrimination is no celebration
So many downed birds take a while to die
With lead in their bodies
Others will suffer
That is the problem of using lead shot
With evidence growing more and more dying
Not just us grouse but
other wild ones
Like raptors and owls
And rabbits and others
These shooters ought to
Not have their guns

At present a petition
To stop all this killing
Of wildbirds and raptors of eagles and more
Hen harriers suffering game keepers perils
Many are acting now outside the law
100,000 need to sign up to it
NUmbers are growing fast maybe today
There will be enough
For a commons debate
To hear what the government
Now has to say.

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