The PENDLE witches

The more I think and the more I read
The gullibility
of the people
The superstition
and the true naivete
The witches some were very old
Living in the forest, they
Clearly had their unique selling points
But had to pay

For the ignorance aroundabout
For the constant tales of woe
Of illness in the family
Of the animals we know
Cattle did get sick sometimes
And blame was easily
Pointed at the so called witches
Thats what it feels to me

Foraging on wild flowers and plants
And funghi from the tree
A belief system that went back years
Far back into history
A lot of simple folk about
Easily taken in
PHilistines in many way
Who viewed everything as sin

Women with innate knowledge
Students of the crafte
Up against so many with
An artlessness each draught
Perhaps a herbal elixir
Derived from nature they
Who may have used it sometimes
As a cure all anyway

Demdike and her family
The PENDLE Witches they
Easy targets for the fools
That ruled the earth that day
Everyone considered a heathen
A being of the myth
A student of the forest
As would their kin and kith

Their secrecy apparent
Every excuse would do
They were the reason for everything
That went wrong
It was true
In point of fact
Their positive reminders of the past
The primatives were the ruling class
And their die alas was cast

And so they found their maker
Sooner than maybe
They would have have found him
Prejudice, of the disbelieving cree
Everywhere you find them
Around the scaffold bare
Waiting for the cherished
And the rope they are going to share

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