The Arctic Henge

Its happening at this moment
In Iceland far away
A huge sun dial to Stone Henge
Already a display
Of basalt columns growing
Near Husavik we hear
At RAUFARHOFN in the far North
Clearly held most dear

The arctic circle village
A colossal piece of stone
Built to harness the midnight sun
Standing there alone
It isnt Neolithic its new
And Nordic Roots
And a neo-pagan belief system
This amazing structure suits

What was the famous eddic poem
“Voluspa” the creation of our world
And when it is ending
When we all are hurled
Into the coming maelstrom
The seeress’s prophecy
This piece of nordic splendour
Apparently is key

And so it stands its boldness
With ODIN’s spirit we
Know of this drunken wanderer
A poet too who be
Leveraged by the dwarves paths
The mystical the true
Reising slowly from the earth
Seemingly on view

The Arctic Henge on completion
Will be a wondrous sight
A centre balancing column
2 massive basalt blocks
Depending on the seasons
Absorbing it, it rocks
Ones spirit to enlightenment
An expression bold and clear
The energy from the earth itself
Can create perhaps a tear

Or two its deeply moving
Its towering to the sky
In every way remarkable
Really just how high
Unsurpassed one now might say
You dont expect to come across
A structure built this way

Derived from their mythology
The dwarves provided much.
For the gods of ASGARD
Gifts kept them in touch
It will capture the suns rays
And take the shadows
To elsewhere
Its a magickal gateway
For the world at large to share

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