Tambling and Tommy Winata

Sumatra is a proper wildlife experience
creativity and passion there
45,000 hectares of wild tropical forest
14500 hectares of coastal plain
A famous guy called Tomy Winata
In Lampung province it appears that he
Bought up Tambling area to set it up for Tigers
Conflict Tigers he wanted to see

ARTHA GRAHA PEDUli the authority
Kind of police the area and they
Have the VLAKKENHOEK lighthouse by the seaside

That looks out to the sea and far away
The low land tropical forest
The coastal mangroves
Pangekahan village to the east
Tigers being released into the jungle
Trying hard to protect this savage beast

Rangers are employed there
Because of poachers
Despite the true remoteness
We still see
tigerS being shot at
Poached its true to say
A really noble creature
Is set free

Signage is displayed
To warn the people
“Man eating tigers”
Close by caution please
Burning in the midst
Blake’s words from long ago
With Their great light
It really goes to show.

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