TAIJI all over again

Year after year
Day after day drives a bargain
One of aweful dismay
Taking out dolphins
Respected souls
To create a bloodbath
Each one take dark roles
Fishermen so called
Heartless geeks they
Torture our babies
Every day
of course parents see this
And loyally stand by
Adversity, perpetual torture
They lie

When approached say
It’s culture clearly that’s all
Men of great violence
Abusers who call
The shots every time
A pod’s sighted
Where they
In their little white boats
The great pod will slay

Dragged from the ocean
Brazenly they
So much belligerence
Every day
How they lay waste
To the angels in blue
Cut them to ribbons
And all this is true

Producing distaste on a scale
Worse than hell
Japan best kneel
Clearly under some spell
So darkly so evil
Their minds shot away
Heartless and unthinking
All of the day

TAIJI soon starts up
It’s evil and we
Will see hordes of angels
Stolen and we
Will see blood everywhere
And sinews of course
Great family trees
With considerable force

And their Shinzo Abe
Smiles when abroad
Outside his embassy
We do reward
The spirits by changing
The favour they need
Instead of their freedom
They are made to bleed

Lost every week every month
Every year
They suffer in silence
They all die in fear
Mothers with babies
Fathers with sons
Frightened and saddened
By the drives constant runs
Battering cutting
Tearing away
Their life force poor dolphins
Such intelligence they

Feel every cut every punch
Every thrust
What japan is doing
Nobody should trust
Anything they say
They are murderous scum
And their evil
It surely leaves everyone numb

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