Sean Morgan

Working under the Beech
With its coppery glow
Taking out bricks
From a long time ago
They had crumbled and moved
With the passing of time
The roots and the shoots
Where the ivy did climb
Had tested the mortar
The wall had then bowed
At the bottom of the path
Close to the road

Old stock bricks
Already recycled before
Sean was adept
His repairs they were sure
Erosion and spoiling
No matter said he
With an orderliness
And respect for the tree

Other parts of the wall
Came down and we saw
The roots of the Beech
You couldn’t ignore
They wern’t
splayed against the wall
What they had done was push the wall out
And so begun
A complete re alignment
A westerly flow
Away from the wall
By itself it did go

Where the bins were Sean opened
The area, he
Cleaned up each time
You could very well see
He is connected, receptive and so
Repointed the wall there
And made a good show

Laying bricks is creative
Artwork of sorts
A retaining wall
That sits in our thoughts
Good grace and measured
Pointed and set
Re using the stocks
Which was the best bet

The earth never moved
Clearly held firm, the tree
Repositioned it’s anchor
Where it thought to be
Sean’s work is tidy
And thoughtful and he
Plans stuff and clears up
And works diligently.

A sole trader
From Hemel Hempstead

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