Despite the risein eating meat
SPAIN Decides that she
Must carry on murdering bulls
And calves and do it blatantly
Forget the vile barbarity
Bloodlust and violent traits
Abusers of the world delight
It opening the gates
Of hell in yes mallorca
Killing bulls tney say
Is ingrained in the nations spirit
It is what makes us pay
Our respects to animals
But murdering them at will
By torture d by taunting
And by all the blood they spill

By training up the Matadores
And the cuadrilla team
By all the prepartIons
Of the bull the final scream
Of continuL bloody torture
And bleeding half to death
For me it cant be vulture
Denying something breath

Staring down a proud bull
Stabbing it each time
Watching it wince hearing it cry
Fall then its climb
Back up on its injured legs
Trying to make the grade
Being slaughtered in front of an audience
What a claim to fame

Seeing the proud bulls prostrate
Bleeding and coughing up blood
Watching its ears and its tIls cut off
As it lays there in the mud
Exposed to terrible torture
Descending in to hell
With the worst intentions
This is how they sell

The spitefulness and gloating
That everybody feels
Is what makes fighting feal in Spain
Its where they make the deals
Its traditional its what we do
Its how we feel towards
Animals, so vicious
Hearts of stone its true

Lacking all compassion
Devoid of empathy
You just need your pound of flesh
No quarter given we
Looking from the outside
See a people who depend
On sucking blood and guts from life
And continue to defend

A practice from the medieval times
we havent moved on
Not a tiny jot
Total inclemency
No one commiserating
Born to express grief
The whole family
Is immersed in blood and guts

That this is what makes spaniards great
Sets others of us apart
Watching bulls clearly fit and well
Watching their heart broken
Torn a’sunder ripped out of their soul
Made to bloodywell bleed to death
And lose all their control

Its total impropriety
Misjudgement all the way
Its unfitting and inappropriate
Iniquitous I say
Its not playing the game
Its violating animal rights
Neglect by another name

Colisea balear ring

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