Mary Shelley to the Chimera and social media

It was over a weekend
Five centuries she
Mary the romantic
Mary Shelley
A modern Prometheus
Somebody who
She called Frankenstein
And gave birth to the new

From the old from the ancient
From the corpses away
The vile body snatchers
Compiled from the day
Bolted together
Bones and nerve ending
Spirited energies
All deemed transcending

An organism whose cells
come from two
Or more species it’s true
A fire breathing hybrid
Whose claim
In Asia Minor wasn’t the same

And now in this day and age
People need longer
Life those whose organs are weakened
By stronger
drugs and the alcohol the weariness placed
They can buy into new organs and get a taste

Of those chimera’s lion goat and snake
Of humans to pigs and to sheep they can make
In roads and show the world
That once again time
When the sick can in fact once again climb
Off of the table
Like Frankenstein who
and be Like Mary’s Monster whose thoughts were askew

And it’s been done in China
Blame them today
When the really skunks are from the USA
Ethic there is none money it be
Just bits of paper no sanity
Left any longer no respect at all
Animals slaughtered there chained to the wall

Beaten their throats slit for all
they have done
Gave up their milk and their skin
and their son
and their flesh and their virginity
and their eggs and their soul
Gave up their bones
And now rot in some hole

We tore through the forests we wasted so much
We planted the plastic in oceans our touch
Was never of Midas just wanton despair
In this planet of angels where few around care
Love was eternal those of us who
Love one another like some of us do
But argue and listen to what people say
And forget the real love that was coming our way

We say we love animals but we just fight
On social media night after night
Block and unfriend those who did clearly care
And alone in the slaughterhouse
Ask that they spare

Our life let us be let us please just return
To the field or the barn for it is our concern
To love and to tell and to stay and to be
Beside our friends for an eternity
When the light is turned off it’s over and we
will mourn and will grieve and never be free
Walking about in a disconsolate state
With some poor dead pigs heart
Wanting to just berate
Others who might now have sheep’s kidneys too
Their lives were extended and perhaps you
Gave up your life and might remember me
For reality screams how much I LOVE THEE

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