Taking for granted
The wonders of being
The composure and calmness
Each entity freeing
Attested &physical
Genuine &true
Gifted of life
An undying view

PROSTALK a company
Offering those
Sickly and egoistically
Coming to blows
With animals anywhere
Who have a price
On their heads so to say
On the Roll of the dice

Its all down to money
What you can afford
From a monkey to a hippo
You get your reward
Of a shell in their butt
Or better still more
A trophy to put on the wall
Or their floor

They publish a price list
Kill what you can
Afford thats the holiday
So you can scan
The pages and just see what money can buy
Ten monkeys 2kudu
Whatever comes by

And its all based in Somerset
Avalon’s prize
This hunting company
Where each victim dies
Exporting irreverence
Into the world
From the magic of Avalon
Yes its all hurled

Into the light
To AFRICA where
Roll out the bank balance
Read of despair
As giraffes are cut down
A HIPPO maybe
With its very long tusks
Its insanity

No other words
Can describe what They do
Kill for the sake of it
Whatever they do
Is utterly clueless
Totally mad
Recklessly rotten
And it makes me so sad

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