Gestation prison

Gestation crates
Are just about pig sized
And were invented
By a psycho case for certain
A selfish and demented
Farmer who was after
Cramming more sows in his barn
The poor souls couldn’t turn around
It’s sounds like some sick yarn

But it is wholly happening
The wickedness of those
Who artificially inseminate
And of course the sow
Then grows
Iniquity seems to me
Sinfulness as well
As she is getting bigger
In her private HELL

Waiting for her babies
She will have to be
In one spot just lying there
The farmers selfishly
Expect through pain and suffering
That she must just lay still
When she gets uncomfortable
As she surely will

She just has to tough it out
Suffer night and day
She cannot sweat if she is hot
So she is made to pay
Heavily she is feeling
Disrespected she
Is humiliated
And disparaged constantly

Oh yes she gets sarcasm
Taunts and jibes all day
Even if she is careful
A kick or two will pay
There is no code of honour
She has no rights at all
The spiteful ness of farmers
Really does appal

The thankless task of pregnancy
The sadistic treatment they
Might expect it’s unrelenting
Every single day
There is no consolation
Not a smidgeon of sympathy
Just these fucking tyrants
These butcher boys who be

Employed to feed and water
Hooligans in fact
Not a jot of wisdom
And now they react
To a pregnant sow in trouble
Is hit her with a stick
No tender mercies in the barn
Even when she’s sick

Irritable and impatient
They swear and roughly move
Piqued and galled about everything
She can’t be in the groove
She is shitting where she is laying
Something pigs hate so
They never mess in their living space
They would rather try not go

So the stress and strain
They put on her
She has miracles inside
Her babies are developing
So she has to bide
Her time
Relax and try to
Not get overly pained
And up against hostility
Really no one’s gained

Anything but terror
Forfeiting self respect
Lying in her intimate
How can she correct
What she does and how she feels
With anger all around
Such a domineering attitude
How they try to hound

Her she is so frustrated
Cries her tears of woe
Tries to make them realise
She wishes now to go
To pig heaven in a moment
This hell hole where she be
Lacks wonder the indifference
She now feels constantly

Defeated by the size of cage
Her desperation shows
A hopeless situation
But nobody else knows
How cynical and disconsolate
All the shows do feel
It’s sweaty and it’s smelly
It’s really a bad deal

Gestation crates are preposterous
Even an obscenity
The dreary stuffy insipidness
The terrible monotony
Of lying on one’s stomach
Every single hour
The dullness the monotony
It really makes one vow

To bite or just be obstinate
Challenge those who try
Not just take it lying down
Stand one’s ground for why
Otherwise they get to you
Defiance just could be
Better in the long run
Whatever the difficulty

It really does get boring
Nothing to do all day
And dormancy is unhealthy
Staying stationary
can affect the circulation
And sickness then can be
Causing bumps and ruptures
And bouts of agony

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