Bolsonaro the new saviour

Voted in to fight the crime
Seen as the strong man
And his climb,
through the army
Days until now
Really shows the people how

Strong ideas a powerful stance
This guy, is no song and dance
The environment and the animals there
Are seen as fodder in which to share
Agri business the way to go
The Amazon jungles the ebb and flo
The Indigenous people they make no sense
In future their lives will be so tense

Looking at a jungle we have to see
Much more than the plant and tree
It’s extensive power and energy
Is what helps to keep this planet free
From the carbon buildup everywhere
Each tree holds wonders and does share
A godly power a Refreshing zing
In the jungle realms wild life is king

The jaguar a gifted soul
All the wild animals have a role
In knitting together a world where we
Realise bio diversity
The soil the oxygen the carbon save
Its invaluable and what is grave
Is to sacrifice gods gift abroad
import the hunters they can afford

To murder the wild life and sell the parts
Soulless cretins real bad hearts
The need is to think and begin to care
To realise how you got there
Ofcourse be tough on the criminal creed
But the planets gifts ought to succeed
I appeal to you to think again
Don’t clog to death and cause great pain
To the animal fraternity
Who were gods gift to HUMANITY.

BE remembered for waking up and protecting
All the natural assets

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