Lithuania to Israel live exports

Healthy cows
The journey beckons
Lithuania farewell
We are going off to Israel
Is it Paradise or Hell?

A box known yes as a container
A lot of us
Free standing there
Every movement every roll
Increases our despair

Fighting hard to just stay upright
Being squashed against the wall
The rise and fall
of the ocean waves
And obviously some of us fall

all of us are very heavy thrown together
And thats not all
In a ever frightened state
Some now try to crawl

Broken bones and lacerations
sprains and deaths too
Little food
Troughs now of just putrid water
Clearly we are screwed

Weakness due to lack of fresh air
Lack of food and so much stress
Caked in feces all were wounded
And in a frightful mess

No headspace and the air so fetid
Hot and stinky everywhere
Thrown about and shat upon
Vomiting and much despair

Crushed and bleeding fast recalling
Life before we joined the throng
Some of us had expectations
For how our farm was all along

They were cruel the farmers feeding
Most of them An ugly bunch
With animals always so angry
Always shouting and some would punch

Us constantly they’d bruise our udders
The soreness made some cry
Everyday they beat us up
We never knew quite why

We had heard Israel was a nice place
Land of milk and honey where
Though anywhere would have been better
Than our farm where they failed to care

But this vile voyage of hot and bluster
Muscles aching skin chafed raw
Not an inch to move in really
Just lying sickly on the floor

Moaning groaning shuddering crying
Suffocating masked in woe
Ten whole days of shift and shudder
Broken legs from the two and fro

Head down try to escape to corners
Crushed and bleeding puked upon
Hell on Earth a place of violence
Some best friends already gone

Israel, the great doors opened
Saw the light and once again
Subjected to more monsters screaming
And alas to lots more pain

At least a half of us had perished
Welcomed HATHOR and had died
Many of us tangled limbs
Comforted perhaps beside

God of gods
I was lame and bleeding
More bashing from these Jewish sods
Clearly Israel was no better
Another place devoid of gods

Forcing us to stand and walk
The floor was slippery and we
Were smarting from the urine seeping
Into wounds and constantly

Felt their wrath much more horrid
They dragged us out and made us stand
In the sunlight it was burning
Who was it really who had planned

Such a bloody expedition
The EU operation poor
Waiting up at various borders
And of course they just ignore

Our cries our bleating and our anguish
It turns out Israel wasn’t where
We were bound for it was Croatia
And by that time we didn’t care

Any respect had gone forever
Duty of care not one jot
All their frustrations
We took squarely
And more punches of course we got

There was a principle of evil
A loss of innocence for sure
Degenerates without a thought
Our obvious pain they did ignore

Miscreants some really vicious
Good for nothing graceless louts
Possibly they were all knackered
We were left though without doubts

They indulged themselves
NO sanctity
To speak of not at all
The chains were out
And once again I was against a wall

A bloody wall it smelled of death
Hanging there I knew
This iniquity I could break free
The short straw We all drew

The blade was filthy dirty
It wasn’t sharp at all
They sawed my neck the agony
HATHOR I did call

Upon in those last seconds
The fields of long ago
The grass and that warm sunshine
And the wildflowers I loved so
The farmers wife who had been kind
And her daughter too
I saw my mother’s face
And then just darkness good and true

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