Zimbabwe’s cruelty knows no bounds

Contrary to any reason
Gifted souls we see
Are unlawfully captured
To be exported tragically
Little baby elephants
Stolen from their mums
Sold to the highest bidder
Really just for crumbs
No respect whatsoever
Unreasoned all the way
Unsound and unfounded
Making the families pay
Unintelligent obsession
Warped judgement all the way
Using illegal permits
What can people say

Using tunnel vision
And a jaundiced eye
Bowing to the riches
And it’s all done on a lie
Infidels for certain
Who try to explain away
The cruelty and savagery
Of what they plan today
37 elephants
Babies everyone
Such ignorance is awful
Underneath the sun
Such unconsciousness
Crass ignorance in fact
Untutored and illiterate
CITES To react
Lowbrow and unscholarly
Blockheads to be sure
In charge of gifted elephants
And their want to exchange more

Cock eyed
and unreasoned
Deluded and perverse
Off the beam wide of the mark
ZIMBABWE is a curse
Shipping them to China
Or to Pakistan I hear
Where Poor treatment
Everybody knows
And the world At large does fear
It’s morally indefensible
So says Iris Ho
And she is to be respected
Not ignored
As we all know
In Bomas in Hwange
These victims wait their fate
It will be a death sentence
And the reason we berate

Zimbabwe for its dishonesty
Causing the distress
Sending babies 7000 miles
They should confess
The sin they are committing
It’s an absurdity
A hair brained crackpot system
Of Utter idiocy
Recklessness And moronic
Unenlightened and unwise
This palm greasing improbity
We all can realise
It’s corruption plain and simple
And those who do this should
Be shackled in some prison cell
And really then they would
Have sufficient time to contemplate
The error of their ways
The cruelty which hopefully
Would be with them all their days

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