Wild life tourism

It’s based around two words
In fact
Arrogance and ignorance
Both parties being both
As such the animals
They become
Victims of the industry
That way of making money
Not a purist to be found
And animals rights
YES Some

But not the understanding
Of wildness and true ethic
Of Morality and rightousness
Normality and decency
Unchallengeable and honourable
Being kind and caring
Thoughtful and wholly sharing

Wildness becomes slavery and victims
In their hundreds
Families torn a’sunder
Misjudgement all the way
Grievance and resentment
True discrimination
Pretendership and presumption
Where The animals all pay

Scant respect and irreverence
True humiliation
Freedom they are prisoners
Chained up night and day
Burdened perhaps with drugs
And lack of food
And lack of water
Censurable and culpable
This can never be a way

Of offering the tourists
A value added experience
Nothing there to mitigate
The inadequacy they feel
Besides so much improbity
And what can be rascality
So arrogance and ignorance
And both do seem to me

To be bordering on dishonesty
The voiceless have no say in this
It’s unlawful so to say
They encroach on true liberty
circumvent the matriarch
Life is unaccountable
It’s a sentence and a way

Of making animals suffer
Condemned to human dominance
Tourism along these lines
Has no standing at all
Let’s not glorify the agencies
That put their backs behind this wheel
Let’s close it down completely
For its never a good deal

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