BIFFA gets a warning
On some exports
7 whole containers
Going off to China
Unsanitary waste
Which China banned a year ago
A crime which must
Be faced

of course they yell like crazy
But the stench apparently
Was just like blooming vomit
Which is so wrong obviously
Sanitary towels and condoms
Our filth we ship abroad
Can’t we really feel the shame
How can they afford

It’s damaging and destructive
It’s time-consuming too
It really is significant
Something none of us should do
The Environmental Agency
Will fine them and they should
It is of grave importance
And such news is ‘t good

It’s a lot to do with arrogance
Imagining that we
Actually have the right to send
Our muck across the sea
Our obnoxiousness our rottenness
It’s hurtful and it’s wrong
Imagine receiving shipments
Ones that don’t belong

Our sluttishness and slovenliness
Our lavatorial mess
Shipping it off to China
Can we disrespect them less
To me it’s really dreadful
And one hopes a massive fine
The maggoty ponging cargo
Could we be more asinine?

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