Trophy hunting POLAR BEARS

To The cowardly to the obnoxious
To The evil hearted they
Are offered up a journey
A splendid holiday
For about £36000 Sterling
The hunter man can be
Given a well trained Inuit guide
And a splendid chance to see

Polar Bears out searching
Starving so to say
Climate change is awakening their spirit
Every day
They are suffering already
So Quality TOURS are there
To encourage just more low life
To add to their despair

Arrows rifles crossbows
Bait them hear them scream
Inuit guides and taxidermy
It’s the hunters dream
Watching desperate polar bears
Trying to hunt and kill
And organising stalking trips
Their blood of course to spill

We all know that the sea ice
Is melting really fast
Polar bears are suffering
Their die alas is cast
But trophies are the given thing
And countries still give free
Passage for dead animal parts
However vile they be

The Daily Mirror is after stopping
All this killing spree
Murdering these Polar Bears
Who in snowy climes walk free
But really for a ransome
Can be legs up in the air
And money in the bank
For trophy companies there

Good of the daily mirror and we give our support
So as to Save the bears today
Sign the petition stop the import
Of animals parts I say
It’s lurid and it’s cruelty personified
And we
Must add our names and try to save
The wild bears hopefully.

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