The Piano man cometh

A constancy a singleness of purpose
Unwearied and enduring
Time stands still
A prearrangement
A musical
An interlude
Measured and devised
Too soon to spill
In pursuit of excellence
A true means to an end
Fuel to the flame
Tell me someone
Who is this man’s friend?
A precursor of all our thoughts
Of the melodies too
Unsparingly adequate
Flawless Yes and true
I can live through
Each pattern of music
That makes up the view
Of you
Like the greenest of shoots
After the rain
A resurgence restored
To The whole world again
Overhauled and refreshed
A sweet placebo
Recover and stimulate
Part of the flow
Of thought and intention
Redemption has been
Snatched from the teeth
Of the age old machine
Of rust and solidification
Both torn
From each labour of love
And each pilgrimage sworn

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