The kiss shared

Dismissive and disrespectful
Of an acknowledged king
The mighty Lion the jungle lord
Who to his world doth bring
A most majestic influence
Commanding great respect
With true survivability
That hunters now deflect
A couple on a mission
Lovers can we say
Manned up with their rifles cocked
Canned hunting all the way
A created vulnerability
A watering down of care
Sapped of any wildness
Strained and unaware

Incapacitated an anorexic state
Caged until the very day
The lovers in their state
Of sharing lips and bodies
Of fertility and life
On their hunting holiday
Where terror and where strife
Were secretly abundant
Waiting they cajoled
Into an open clearing
The torpid one was rolled
Unable to lift it’s drugged up head
Or smell the ways of man
The violence and the fury
That’s how it all began

Dominant and prevailing
In the drivers seat
The hunter and his lady
of course their eyes did meet
Such love for one another
Colluding let us say
Ready to kill a great big cat
In a breath making display
A couple of rough diamonds
Cock eyed from the start
End the life of a lowly soul
Whose ever beating heart
Feeling the flash of freedom
Having been caged up so long
And now would feel the bullet spray
Which of course was wrong

She watched her man take aim
And fire
The uncanny silence breached
A thunderclap that burst her ears
Had sadly only reached
The murkiness around him
What was his source of light
More shots rang out
The agony and the blackness then of night
Slumped forward one sad animal
Arrested on that day
His bones would soon be packed up
And, then on their way
To Vietnam for processing
“Tiger Cake” was where
The black marketeers were earning
As creating more despair

The photo’s for the internet
The trophy hunters dream
The lovers were together
For them it all did seem
To be a worthwhile venture
Both Undiscerning souls
Whose mindlessness was absent
Both moronic trolls
Empty heads and thoughtlessness
The order of their day
Conned out of their moneys
On This their holiday
Uninquisitive and unconcerned
Apathetic in a way
Kissing as the animal
Did slowly pass away

Their wandering attention
Grasshopper minds the two
That hot embrace
And lack of grace
Observed by all of you
On FACEBOOK who now witness
The grappling desire
As death comes to an acknowledged king
In a fusillade of fire
A victim of canned hunting
A sage of long ago
Oblivious to life forms
Where prophesies May grow
A lack of true resourcefulness
Of imagery galore
Really no meaning to his life
Just inanity and more

The lovers share saliva
Doused in dishonesty
Under the counter dealings
Of criminality
Aiding and abetting
The torture and the pain
The importing of the trophy
The items of disdain
Treachery and chicanery
Connivance dare we say
Perhaps older and more wiser
Recalling that sad day
The inglorious the ignoble
End to that dear Soul
Who could sense their immorality
And the baseness of their role

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