The bad and the ugly

Bashing Sea Shepherd
A pastime i hear
They are the enemy
That does seem clear
This viking clan
These islanders who
Live off the land
As best they can do

Sheep are just everywhere
Free ranging stocks
They go where they want to
Rarely in flocks
Salmon the aqua culture
We know
Is big in the Faroes
As exports do grow

All sorts of sea life
Apparently so
But the pilot whale slaughter
The numbers that grow
Its the whole pod mentality
That seemingly
Are run into shore
And all killed tragically

The whole family tree
All blood relations
Until this point free
To go where they will
Free born lets say
As wild as the winds
That blow Everyday

Relations all kindred
Clanship galore
Getting ones head around
The deaths I abhor
How the grind operates
Loyalty shows
Parents wont leave children
So the blood flows

They talk up the naturalness
How quick the kill
Mothers and brothers and sisters
All will
witness the slaughters
Taste each others blood
A crescendo of horror
In one crimson flood

That gets to my psyche
That massacre they
Believe it is right
At the end of the day
To murder the whole pod
Pregnant whales too
Under Native rights
This is what they do

Quick to attack
The west and those who
Talk up how bad they are
And what they do
I am a vegan
Just let me say
And who ever kills animals
On any day

I cannot respect
For me it is wrong
Murder and mayhem just doesn’t belong
In this day and age
And wild whaling should be
Consigned to the annals
Of pure history

Faroes means sheep
And there are thousands there
So mutton and lamb
There is loads to spare
Salmons farms there are
Three big ones around
Exporting to China
And the US I have found

All kinds of fish
Crustaceans and more
So plenty of sea food
Wind dried a store
Full of fermented and wind dried
Food it is the thing
From Fulmers to other sea birds
That does bring

A full on nutrition
Fresh free ranging too
There is no need to slaughter
The whales thats my view
Talking up nations with
Huge abattoirs and farms
And the rest
Yes I know what they do
And they also test

The grindadrap really
Is a slaughterhouse where
Out in the sea on the beach
Where all share
The proceeds the meatand the blubber
And all
Given away
Community based
At the end of the day

But its also sold
At the restuarants I hear
So profits are made too
Yes it is clear
Its reprobates slaughtering
Retards alas
The whole nasty business
Is terribly crass.

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