Symbiotic relationships

Life in the highlands
Feasting on grasses
Gelada Baboons
In their packs
Are alive
To the sounds of the hills
To the music of many
predatory conflicts

The rare Ethiopian Wolves
For example
Work with baboons to settle their score
As The baboons forage
And chase out the rodents
The wolves get their bounty
And share Nature’s store

This protects the Baboons
Which could easily be
Food for the wolves
But you see, strangely
This symbiosis
Offers a way
For both to be fed at the
End of the day

The desire to be helpful
Such fondness we see
A true inclination
A ripe tendency
Both replete to brimming
Transforming the scene
A wondrous liaison
There just hasn’t been

It’s a permanent issue
A cooperative way
Of ensuring there’s help
At the end of each day
A friendship of worth
A comradely ploy
bringing food to the plates
And a whole lot of joy

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