Poor sad fox

Not everyone apparently
Loves the wild boys they
Are up for some reprisals
And we see the other day
Someone left a bottle
With the neck cut off
A snare
And a victim found the head of it
And in fact it died there

In Co Claire of all places
There are some who would say
Foxes are a nuisance
In the broad light of day
A part in offering solutions
To keep the fox at bay
Wildness offers many risks
And the victim mwon’t play

Clearly it was inquisitive
And caught her head inside
The bottle and ran out of air
The poor creature died
It must have been so frightening
So callous and just wrong
Clearly discarding litter
Where it did not belong

Lacks judgement and lacks harmony
It’s very very cruel
Some people just do not think
And some don’t care at all
The suffering a nightmare
Mournfulness and gloom
This plastic discarded
Has become the foxes tomb.

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