Orca’s and taking their wildness Away. The

A total lack of planning
Undesirable and impolitic
untoward and useless
So much so it makes me sick
The disruption and the hurtfulness
The unkindness and the cruelty
Hunted for the naive eyes
Of bitterness and lethargy

A wretched and pathetic jaunt
Into the ocean for to find
A giant orca with a pod
Of others that can blow one’s mind
Priceless in so many ways
An intolerance that kind of plays
Out across the wondrous waves
And sinks to depths where the suns rays

Fail to ever enter they
Are lost lamentable in every way
Plucked, from the expanse of time
Orca’s that were born to climb
The many fathoms and to leap
Out beyond the powers of sleep
Into the dreams of many who
Share their bath with someone like you

The great and good a faultless soul
Unscathed it seems but the control
Of jailers who exert their power
Corporate brainwashed by the hour
Exposing vulnerability
Tainted and scratched the travesty
Of underwhelming those great and good
But very clearly misunderstood

The pristine world of the deep sea
It’s deterioration tragically
Ravages of time and space
Behold great Orca let’s see thou face
Disabling weakening dislocation
Repetitive strain and laceration
There is no sanctum no trench below
No guard rail where the wild can go

A fugitive or refugee
Whose undertaking is to be
A pilgrimage to kingdom come
On the beat of someone else’s drum
Abuse before was commonplace
An enterprise of pure disgrace
But since that day all that we see
And feel is something within me

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