Only the unenlightened could ever put them down

Firmness of purpose
Will to be free
Independent and determined
The Corvidae be
Beyond magickal really
Minded to say
Resolute charmers
An inescapable way
Of being together
A family of sorts
Instinctive and intuitive
With predestined thoughts

They are never just birds
In their ebonised suits
With their pliant regard
and receptive roots
Resolve and tenacity
And relentless light
A single mindedness
A faith thats bright

That governments kill them
Give license to those
Farmers and shooters
With shit tween their toes
With grime in their ears
And salt in their veins
After the money
That ruins their brains

A predetermined outlook
A family of souls
Hallowed by custom
With true guiding roles
They are spells in the making
Predisposed to agree
They inspire with their stature
To a massive degree

The corvidae certainly
Prompt me to feel
Where the ancient stones crumble
That they have to be.
In the henges and barrows
They nest and display
Good fortune and favour
And a happy array

Ignorance raises its head
Sometimes though
Pays them a disservice
Where ere they go
But those of us favoured
With wisdom and grace
In pursuit of our destiny
Each has the face

Of an angel in charge
Of a permanency
Of a family of much dedication
Who be
supreme and essential
Pillars who will
Each fight their corner
With momentous skill

Alchemists working
Illusionists too
Many apprentices
Lovers like yout
Be charmed every which way
Beyond how some see
There is no evil eye
But perhaps telergy

Where the wise
Hold their rituals
Its probably they
The corvidae families
Pick up on the way
They never forget
What they learn
And they do
Observe all the time
Thinking thoughts
That come true

In the curdling incense
Symbolically they
May appear in the shadows
In their homage and sway
As the candle doth flicker
The mind of the seer
May pick up the voices
Of those always clear

On the moors in the north
Where the heather may grow
Where the red grouse may wander
Tis there that they show
Fortune by observing
Those who dare snare
The Harrier possibly
Who might also be there

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