Such irreverence
And dishonour
To mock
A beautiful wild animal
And you are just a crock
Of shit to stand there
Naked your ugliness we see
Insulting every wondrous soul
That was ever born to be

Wild and sharing oxygen
With the likes of you
A so called hunter
An unworthiness
Honest it’s now true
To see you sharing blood and guts
With an angel of the wild
A niggling carping protest
To the wild and genuine child

Lost in a finality
Around your filthy frame
Such vile indignation
I shall never feel the same
Having to see your grotesque form
Alongside one so bright
So beautiful so innocent
That once emanated light

And now is in your clutches
You evil nasty sod
Bloodied muddied honestly
You prepare a rod
For your own soul
To carry
Opportunism you
Faithless suspicious harlot
Of the wilderness so true

Iniquity your given
Depravity as well
Clearly wearing a dead body
Your place is in hell
Your stance is inexcusable
The immaculate one at peace
Whose wide eyed dove like persona
Is Angelic in release

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