Murrindindi wild life

The wild life of Australia
Is up against it, they
Many were around before the people
But today
The arrogance is everywhere
The ignorance there too
The rich have come to plunder
A factor that is true

There are a lot of sick sods
About the world today
Who like to go out shooting
Imagining it’s a way
Of getting out their frustration
A weakness they possess
By taking to the countryside
And handing out some stress

Hunting, so much ignorance
Of predation and the wild
Of prey animals and nature
They act worse than a child
With absolutely no idea
Of why we need to be
Respectful to the animals
The ones sometimes we see

And so we hear some Chinese guy
His name is said to be
“TOM ZHOU”whose bought a place
Not far from Melbourne
And we know
He wants to build a hotel there
A gym a bar that’s it
And import trophy hunting types
We know where they sit

Hares and foxes
Wombats,and the wild ducks too
Red deer and the kangaroo too
Clueless who
In their right mind would offer
To kill these exceptional souls
The wild children who matter
And who live their unique roles

In a place called MURRINDINDI
Near a river of that name
Where the Wurundjeri people
In the Hume region of Victoria
By a beautiful reserve
To import a trophy hunting place
It really is a nerve

Too far it is contemptible
In every single way
It lacks respect for everything
And really doesn’t play
Into the true area
Where gratefulness should be
For all of the wild children
That anyone can see

It just smacks opportunism
Venality and wrong
Professional chicanery
It just does not belong
In this vibrant neighbourhood
Where truth and constancy
It therefore shouldn’t be allowed
To taint what’s good and free

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