Loath to be sentient

To be grudging and unwilling
Are human traits and we
Who serve the tourists in hot countries
Really need to be
Amenable to assist them
And show kindness where we can
Our refusal to look after
Our animals a man
Expecting in hot temperatures
For camels and horses to
Pull tourists up real steep slopes
and donkeys to the fear
Of neglecting them so seeing them
Uncared for and looking sick
With sores and lacerations
Why would we then pick

Clearly unhealthy animals
Abused in every way
And know now that they are beaten
And some are starved each day
Not given anough water
Work until they drop
Foaming at the mouth some of them
Your right it has to stop

People should be acting
In a more responsible way
Camels afterall
Labouring in the sun
All day
And not given water
Or even a rest
And are beaten when they cannot walk
Tourists it should detest
It is utterly galling
And there is no excuse
Why is it when on holiday
We are party to abuse

The markets out at Birgash
Have camels being sold
Many on their last legs
And then are expected to hold
Passengers many more
Than the fittest could ever do
As tourists many of us
Are complacent sadly its true

The poor old working animals
They just lack any care
Insouciance the operative
Of course it isnt fair

To be this unresponsive
Whilst animals suffer pain
Nose bleeds covered in whipping scars
We too are insane
For not reporting what we see
our eyes closed As they fall
Horses donkeys camels
The lord god made them all.

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