What had I done to deserve
What just Happened
I had given birth
And my pups
Were tucked in their basket
And he just took me out
In his car and I am
Wondering what that’s about

I jumped in the car in the back seat
And off to the forest we’d go
But this time just outside the house
What he did
was tie me up which was a blow
And got in the car and was driving
Pulling me faster oh dear
Had he forgotten
Why was he so rotten
My feet hurting so
It was clear

That he was about to finish me
Dragging me seeing the skin
Peel off my feet and in the heat
He was committing a sin
Dragging me foot on the pedal
Hurting me making me feel
This was the end game
That was for sure
No skin on my feet

I am just a bulldog a little French Bulldog
With all of my babies back where
And the way I was feeling
So full of sores
That life really how was it fair
With My new family clearly it’s joyous
But now in this state how could I
Go back and find them
And act as a parent
And as such I knew I would die

It’s funny how mendacious
Stuff comes about
Insidious treachery too
Somebody thought it would be an idea
To drag me to my death
It is true
And I and ANUBIS are now
In the shadows
And these creeps a hiding will get
Dragged into town on the end of a rope
Is no way to pay any debt.

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