Giraffe kills

The irreverence for wildness
Is commonplace today
The hunting poaching
Trapping creed
Many from far away
The EU yes and Britain
With money cobbled they
Come to AFRICA buy a package
And shoot wildlife all day

The bold giraffe is suffering
safari’s apparently
Starting offering cheaper prices
For killing them
And we
Saw younger hunters and women
Being exploited by
The men were coming to kill
The Lions and the Elephants
And why

They were into the big time
the wives could also come
And bag baboons or Ostrich
Or Giraffes
And there were some
Interested obviously
With competitive prices they
Worked out family packages
Which blew the hunts away

So now its not just the big Five
Its anything that crawls
You can shoot the caged up
Such action it appals
And now giraffes are
Many being shot
Beautiful large animals
Murdered on the spot

Its hopeless to imagine
The inconsolable loss
Trophies stuffed
And exported home
They dont give a toss
For the miracle of Nature
For the audacious way
Wild animals are sacrificed
For the wild life holiday.

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