Criminality and the killings

The use of words like conservation
When killing is the sin
Hunters out to murder
To butcher and to skin
To ship their trophies
Home to where they put them on display
Criminals that’s all they are
In the bright light of day

The use of words whilst murdering
Animals the big five
Charging scumbags huge amounts
These companies survive
In Africa where cash is tight
And they can make a buck
Slaughtering the wild life
And no one gives a fcuk

Gifted wondrous animals
Predatory gold
And parasitic hunting groups
Where corruption has cajoled
Governments to turn a blind eye
And let the numbers grow
Let taxidermy flourish
No one needs to know

Copious wine and expertise
The promise of the day
A British Born entrepreneur
Has a lot to say
Bags himself a business
Offering it all
Anyone of the big five
Just give us a call

Canned hunting it’s big business
No one these days has time
Caged up let out fenced in
it’s an enormous crime
Against all of humanity
And really there’s no rhyme
Or reason to not be doing this
The vagaries of soul
As the Western so called hunters
Actually control

All these beautiful animals
Being murdered everyday
Criminals beyond belief
Who should be locked Away
Not given any credence
allowed to get rich fast
Reported and Deported
And in jail be cast

The guys who run these outfits
Can be from anywhere
They can live in South Africa
And all the spoils can share
Importing would be hunters
With money who will pay
To give them the life of Riley
Every single day

Killing the wild animals
The big five and the rest
All in five star luxury
Really Britain’s best
Hunting whatever they can afford
Night or day no odds
Lots of vino down the hatch
Sock it to the Gods

South Africa, Zimbabwe
Namibia as well
These countries nod nod wink wink
Are under the spell
Of making easy money
From the West a d actually
Its more corrupt than ever
That’s how it feels to me

Its easier and it’s working
The gifted ones it seems
Can be lost forever
And now all of the dreams
Of entrepreneurs now everywhere
Taking advantage, they
Are really on a killing spree
And such businesses do pay

Royalty and
VIP’s and what is Criminality
The high life and the low life
It’s all laid out to be
everything you ever dreamed of
This is what we do
Appeal to the so called hunting men
Just Convince them its all true

And no one seems to worry
Even the Tories here
Old GOVE allows the trophies
Coming back
It’s very clear
Their parts can be Imported
For the galleries
Gathering dust
For decades
With accompanying lies
Which forever will disgust

Habitats are being lost
Captivity it pays
Canned hunting farms
And pettings zoo’s
They are all the craze
Tourists apparently are naive
On their short term spree
If they want to bag an elephant
It can be arranged

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