Chinese Medicine and wild animals

Evertything was written down
Transcribed from long ago
Instilled and inculcated
By people in the know
The want for the wild essences
The connectedness of need
By implication perspective
For remedies to succeed

Whats pertinent and applicable
Absolute and true
Had to be original
That was always the view
Relations of the kindred
Without compromise
Invariable and constant
In whatever guise

There must be a faithful likeness
A parallel that we
Understand inventiveness
And creativity
Genuineness the real thing
Primeordial out of reach
Harmony and proportion
In everything we teach

Mass markets and asymmetry
Kind of tilt the scales
Below par and inferior
Its to do with sales
With marketing and expertise
And availablity
Lowering of standards
And Inferiority

Incomplete and inadequate
A slippage in a way
Zoo’s and so called farms
Where animals sit all day
No wildness in their makeup
No externality
The essence and the extracts
Consigned to History

Disunion and chaos
Breeds stress levels and we
Entangled in a lawlessness
To a turbulent degree
An assemblage of the vital parts
A scattering may be
Changeable and different
And an irregularity

Wild lions compared
To captive Lions
Their bones are not the same
The rigours of creation
And the sedentary acclaim
Different curative qualities
A boundlessness in time
A certain volatility
Affected by our chyme

The yin and yang important
The ancient knowledge
The venerable and archaic
The callowness and cost
Curative powers in action
The potentiality
Gone by the board for certain
With a vulnerability

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