Bull fighting school


In this day and age
A school for killing
Learning to fight bulls
Or rather kill
Torture them until they drop
Blood spewing from their heads
Witnessing their agony
Watching them in sheds

Losing it completely
Prepared for torture
chilli is rubber in their eyes
And their horns filed off
Their balance then is really off
And then of course we see
The various cowardly
Swordsman did their
Blades hard TIL they be

Bleeding tears a flowing
Blood is everywhere
A beautiful bull stalwart and strong
Is in the last throes of despair
Longing for the angels
To come and close his eyes
At deaths door
In pure wretchedness
Like never before

And there’s a school
NEar Madrid I hear
Where children are taught to kill
To frighten and to torture
And the precious blood to spill
To taunt and leave angst ridden
Wounded and care worn
Victimised in misery
With all its neck skin torn

Harassed by the harshness
The chafing exacerbation
The indignity the menace
And the mortification
Comfortless and wanting
Heartbreaking through and through
This is what this school is teaching
It’s children to do

And in the last few weeks we hear
24 calves have died
24 little babies
And many souls have lied
This is never culture
This is the vilest thought
This is evil through and through
call it bloody sport

European vitriol
Ghastly full on woe
Rueful mournful lamentable
Wherever Spaniards go
The harrowing obnoxiousness
Insulting The control
Youngsters taught the art
Of murder
With their troublous darkly soul

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