200 Reindeers found dead

Norwegian’s arctic Islands
Through the temperature change
Now see
Warmer rains in December
Than their ought to be
And what in fact has Happened
Was the animals could’t feed
And then it all iced over
And that did succeed
In making the months approaching
Thick ice instead of snow
And the tundra was out of their reach
And they starved
As now we know

Two hundred bodies frozen there
Starved to death for they
Can dig through snow
But cannot break ice
It was no way

For we are changing climates
And all these deaths now do
Is alter environment
Humans are it’s true
Destroying habitats everywhere
Killing off the prey
Killing off predation
And the Flora everyday
By our ignorance and arrogance
of course we change the world
And the animals are the victims
In Our maelstrom they are hurled

Hunters take predation
Prey animals eating more
Trees cut down
Forests bare
Nature’s bounty
How is that fair
Man is arrogant
Man is wrong
Man was ignorant all along

We all are victims
Of Corporate greed
Which is why
We shall never succeed

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