Village Mangall Amersham

Quietly it sits on Hill Avenue
Ottoman styled lights just make you aware
A welcoming aura by friendly design
Objective and real and a great place to dine
It’s laid back and beautiful the service supreme
The people are affable such a nice team
The food is exceptional cooked fresh and good
With some surprises more than they should
Attention to detail and mindful they be
The customers feel just relaxed for they see
Watchful and attending people around
Enlightened and eager to cover the ground
Traditional clothing acquainted they be
Well versed in the menu making it easily
To pick up and read and of course to choose
Fresh and in season and good reviews.

Nothings too much trouble smiles everywhere
You get the feeling that they really care
The decor is exceptional and you can feel
A lot has gone into them making your meal
Exciting your taste buds with choice as to how
They select and they cook it all ready and now
How they serve and rejoice in the good food you see
Honestly folks it’s a great place to be

I went there today in my disabled state
I am a vegan didn’t have to wait
They were kind and considerate
Just helping me
It was a lovely lunch
Served beautifully

The cherry juice sweeter
With sunshine and rain
What A fitting end to a lovely refrain
All made with love the collective for sure
Such quality really when you walk in their door

01494 729055

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