Vianet D’jenguet of “MY CONGO” fame

A sensitive soul
Who sees wildness like children do
What is just realness
Creation and more
Touched by the sadness
Moved by the gladness
A tangible reason
He says to adore
The Congo “My Congo”
across the great river
Where he took his first steps
All those years ago
A child in his mothers arms
The sights and the sounds
Come back to him vividly
In leaps and bounds

He a photographer
His incarnation
Deep seated deep rooted
Implicitly so
His bond with creation
A true celebration
Once met his integrity
Part of the show
Going back to his roots
To embrace all the beauty
The evergreen forests
The true harmony
Tchimpounga the sanctuary
boundlessly beautiful
A great awakening
The Chimpanzee’s
All victims of poachers
Of hunters the pet trade
It all laid
Hard on their shoulders
So if you please

Many with missing limbs
Clearly most tortured
Suffering agony
On Their faces they
Wrinkled and painted with
Sadness and sorrow
Being given back love
And attention each day
Immense was the love
Everyone could just feel it
Vianet his heart on his sleeve
We could see
The enduring passion
The undying magick
The underline stress
That appeared to be key

Clinging on to each other
Mothers and babies
Marvellous expressions
As they drooped as they hung
Seeking support
As they deftly did clamber
Jane Goodall set it up
And he was caught
By the ambient smouldering
Myriad plantlife
The so many birds
And the reptiles galore
Each tiny winged fly
That emerged and presented
Itself to his lens
He just did rely
On the form and the shaping
The sudden propulsion
Seeing it all with his heart
And his mind
Watery eyes over worked tear ducts
The patterns and structures
Just felt underlined
Heading North to Oozala
The National Park
Where we see Forest Elephants
Making their mark

Durable pachyderms
Who can withstand
The pure hydrotheraphy
Charged in the land
Squelchy and spongy
A waterlogged place
Full,of mineralised mud
Helping all to keep pace
With the rush and many
Fine birds everywhere
Kingfishers Manakins
Whydah birds share
Nests rather like the
Cuckoo back here
Laying their eggs
Just anywhere near

You can just feel the love
In the voice in the soul
His ancestral home
As he takes on the role
Of his great grandfather
Sokondi who
Lived in the jungle
As people still do
So much vitality
And such a force
Existence and spirit
This was the source
Frondescence and greenery
Just everywhere
The people who live
In the forest aware

He trudged through the wet
Through the creepers and heard
The drums they were beating
On every word
We hastened we listened
A clearing where they
Were clearly intent
On living each day
The chief came to talk
And to dance and to say
Their skins were beautiful
Clearly each day
Being close to the earth
To the root of it all
Eating fresh and wild
They answer the call

Of their creator
Vianet could feel
His facial expressions
Like them were so real
The colours of Nature
All vivid with light
The psyche and reasoning powers
Good and bright
One other place he wanted to see
Mbeli Bai where he just had to be
Where his consciousness took him
Nouabale-ndoki much further North
Set up his hide and He sallied forth
Wanted to eavesdrop on Nature and see
The Lowland Gorillas and there yes they be
Wonderfully muscled living the dream
With their families around them
It really did seem

The hairy eared Buffalo’s
And Sitatungas all
grazing peacefully
It was their call
A soundness of mind
About this great place
Lucid and clear headed
Meaningful there
All being captured
For others to share
“My Congo” you felt it
The essence did stay
His accepted meaning
Didnt get in the way
It came from his soul urge
His literal role
He was so understandable
And in control

His commentary natural
Helping us hear
Defining the detail
When it did appear
Decoding the complex
In other words
Brought us to our senses
As if we were birds
In the forest of dreams
In his critical sphere
The glossarial gorgeousness
All of it here
Manifested before us
Affirmations galore
With so much conviction
Pronounced in the raw

Sincerity it really poured from his soul
Ungarbled and factual
Reaching his goal
You could so feel his ardour
Cogent snd strong
Inspired and effective
He seemed to belong
In this place “my Congo”
The love it came through
In marshmallow dollops
Of everything true
At the end I had tears
In my eyes too
Feeling his passion
Just coming through
His classicism
His harmony
Polished and flawless
With such symmetry

The BBC made it
A Possible thing
Answered his dreams
Clearly did bring
Such drama apparent
And a willingness too
Bring this venturesome journey
To someone like you
And it was refreshing
Tastefully too
Artistic and elegant
All the way through.

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