Those poor pigs

A farm in Wales
That truly pales
Into neglect and horror they
Extinguished the good
And so rarely should
Have created a life
A meaningless place
A senseless cell
Filth and disgrace
Bedlam and a chaotic state
Unruly and lawless
To contemplate
Such ugly irregularity
Entangled and enmeshed
In purgatory

Their bellies drenched
In their slurry they
Pigs not conditioned to live this way
Their dumps are normally
Not where they be
And to create such filth
As a constancy

Must have upset them
In every way
Slack and careless
Every day
To house those animals
Who cannot sweat
Who are frantic and frenzied
Just to let

Them suffer so
Flustered badly
A forgone conclusion
Really how sadly
Every moment of every day
Must have felt like
Just to lay
In their own discharge
The stench would be
Terrible awful regrettably

Your arrogance
Your crassness they
Must have suffered
And cried all day
The fine you received
12,000 pounds
Really it was out of bounds

How could you leave them
In such a state
Parlous as hell
Letting them wait
Your attitude your artfulness
Your ruddy perversion
That gave them stress

How you could do this
Animals who
Were ending up dead
Prepared by you
For the table of others
Such wayward strife
You had a choice
And you stole their life

Such iniquity
Plague and pest
You shamed yourselves
And shamed the rest
Injurious behaviour
It all went wrong
And those creatures just did not belong

The saddest ending
The tragedy
Of watching your 27 pigs
And to see
Them ribs poking out
Bloody sores
Crying in pain
And You knew the cause

Poison and blight
A grossness too
Wretched and grotty
Thats what you do
Curse your wickedness
Evil one
Mange and manky
What you have done

A total failure
Of Duty of care
Everywhere squalor
And they forced to share
Covered in maggots
Fly blown and ill
In a septic environment
Probably till

Their eyes just close
And They dare not see
The things they were told
Buy those that be
The run down nature
The ugly stufF
Everyone there
Had seen enough

Adrian alexanders

The old stable yard
HEol Troew Bach

£ 12,000 pounds fine

And one hopes justice will be done in your next incarnation

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