A look at the Mari people

A time of darkness rules the Volga river
Places where
Mari people close to land and forest
Tried to share
A closeness to the landscape
Animists were they
Believing there were spirits
In their environment the way
Was open for the static ones
The rocks the wind the trees
The untamed power of Nature
The inanimate that seize
The spirit of the people
And devide it up and show
Their pilgrimage to sacred groves
Where secrets there did grow
The meadow and the mountain mari
Specialist in thought
Clad in their canonincals
The cheremis were sought
Rituals protected and established
A desire
For a great coming together
In their specialist attire
Sacrifices had earlier
Happened but gradually
Animals were saved the slaughtering
And it feels to me
Cakes shaped into animals
Were left behind instead
Otherworldly fiction
That urgently they lead
Alchemy apparently
Their enchantment let us say
Their honest veneration
Was getting underway

Behold the VOLGa River
A great force in those times
The winds that blew their damndest
Spiralling that climes
Into a force of utmost power
A mysticism where
A great coming together
Of those much more aware
A brotherhood a family
Of greatness to behold
Relieved that the inanimate
Had spirits And the old
Faiths were clearly present
An apathy of soughts
Closer to the land
They understand the power of thoughts
Its not that they were godless
They believed and they could feel
Much more in touch with Nature
And all it did reveal
In groves of light and darkness
Where their consciousness could flow
And spread into a language
That gradually would grow
The violent dead were many
Keremets half ghosts
And sacrifices made to them
By the various hosts
Butchering the horses
Though went against their will
Took them to a place infact
Where too much blood did spill
The great wave of christianity
Rolled in quite the surprise
Conversion of the many
More than some realise
But still there were remaining
The Mari who still
Conduct themselves in their secret world
With the ultimate of skill

The magick and the purity
Its really underground
Anchored in austerity
From the poverty around
Self mortifying constancy
Temperate lets say
A frugality of purpose
Where Purgation paved the way
They had their own integrity
They had their scrupulosity
Obligated in many ways
Dutiful to each others praise
Bound in a simplicity
Engaged in a legality
Appropriate in so many ways
Close to the earth
Hidebound to raise
Were they pagans
We are not sure
The Euopeans knew what for
Raising consciousness perhaps
A uralic language without gaps
Cyrillic script
Bound on respect
Champions I do detect
In their own space
In their own time
Seers and prophets
Speak the rhyme
Deliverance in many ways
Talismanic symbols raise
The spirit the coming together
To this day That good cards they dealt
To be betwixt the mountain and
The forest and to understand
The Volga flows down to the sea
The Caspian and there it be
All the forces all the power
Beyond the church perhaps the hour
True to Nature and to peace
Where they still find their real release

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