The Caru and their fight for survival

Our thinking is beyond us
The risks that some will take
Because it helps their balance sheet
And they also like their cake
Their head is full of matter
Not in essence grey
Or even green remember
What it is that rules their day
Their bank account their flashy car
Their big house in the street
Thinking little of the jungles
And the poorer who compete
With them and share the oxygen
The water and the sun
And do their bit in their own way
When each day is done

for those who live in cities
There are others that live elsewhere
In the forests and near the oceans
Who perhaps are more aware
Of the onslaught from the cities
And the need for wood and sand
Of the need to create plastic
And who fail to understand
We all need the security
The planet needs it too
And cutting down rainforests
Is a madness but its true
People live and die there
The lungs work overtime
Cities of glass and concrete
Really can only climb

If we have lungs to breathe away
The carbon that we create
The excesses we are building
At an alarming rate
We must realise environments
Need preserving everywhere
And habitat loss is criminal
Leading to despair
Respect and sharing is essential
Everywhere we go
Animals plant life of course trees
What Nature wants to grow
Protect the soil and oxygen
A finite source and we
Wherever we live whatever we do
This factor we must see

The Caru are indigenous people
They live out in Brazil
Among the glorious hardwoods
And plant life that is still
Being logged a plenty
Raped of its resource
By illegal criminality
Which is a damaging force
They are losing their freedoms
They are losing their way
Mangroves being torn up
Coasts in dissarray
Animals are being slaughtered
At an alarming rate
The planet it is reeling
And all this isnt great

The oceans are our dustbins
So much plastic everywhere
The cetaceans all are suffering
And it drives me spare
How ignorant so many of us are
And arrogant too
We abuse the planet and its kind
And Some do not have a clue
How to respect our mother
How to retain our trees
They are marvellous for the planet
For the soil and for the ease
In which they provide oxygen
And environments for all
The insects birds and mammals
How they over haul
Poisons in the environment
Their equilibrium can
Assist and yes re kindle
What is the plight of man

Take the Caru for instance
Fighting to save their space
Loggers coming to ruin them
Just spit in their face
Tear down trees a plenty
Put in cows to graze
The meat trade is the murder trade
Its size should not amaze
We must safeguard our planet
Every facet every space
We must protect the Indigenous peoples
And the animals keeping pace
We all learn from each other
We all share life on earth
We all breathe the oxygen
And thats indeed their worth

THe Caru are on their front line
Being shot at by
Loggers hard faced criminals
Out to steal their pie
They have homes in cities
Or elsewhere far away
And they come to plunder
Shared resources
And in the end all pay
We must stand with the Caru
And all the tribes who give
Actually they struggle
In the places where they live
But they really work their socks off
Protecting the planet they
Know and care and living there
They help in every way

Taking very little and giving
Very much
Not out to pull a fast one
Just to stay in touch
With their own reality
Their understanding they
Know the forest know the ocean
And know that we all pay
Some of us are greedy
We dont really care
We are strong and mighty
With big houses everywhere
We can saw down trees all day
And MINE the earth until
All the water is filthy
And then perhaps we will

Think about ourselves
What we can stockpile and can steal
We wont worry about the tribes
Not them how they feel
Greed and selfish that is us
Stealing everywhere
Abusing every which way
And feeling we are fair
The CARU are just one voice
But we must listen for they
Are suffering and we all will
All of us will pay
The piper and he is coming
Closer than you think
As we muddy all our waters
More and more are on the brink

Lets realise the CARU
Lets help them make their stand
For in essence they are doing it
For us all on this fair land
But they are up against it
Their purity is they
Are quick to catch diseases
Therefore quick to pay
For being in their forests
With the animals who do
Give back more than they take
Which does not describe me or you

We must take less and give back more

2 comments on “The Caru and their fight for survival

  1. Harald Geiger on said:

    Rex, it is so great, that you are full compassion with the poor people, who allways lived at the Amazonas, and the animals there.
    It is terrible, what is done there, all onley because of money!

    • The loggers are taking out the trees and the cattle are being put in there for the meat trade and its all going pear shaped but the warriors are stepping up and fighting back must try and help where possible thanks Harald

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