Summer Solstice at Stonehenge Sunday 23rd June 2019

All The rain had brought such lushness
A realism that
The sun had worked its magick
And we all knew we were at
Stonehenge its that sweet caressing
Light depicting scene
emphasising pigments
You so know that you have been

wild roses soft and petally
Clovers nibbled by
Rabbits that come after dark
for their tonic which is why
Creation laid before us
The riches of the wild
A wondrous growing medium
To excite our inner child

The fortuitous arrangement
Of the stones atop the hill
Ancient and proportional
A picture that does still
Evoke in mind and body
A true and calm embrace
Affirming all the positives
With counterpoise and grace

A wealth of gentle pagans
Robed up and ready they
Came together earnestly
For the ritual of the day
The purples and magenta’s
The white, the gold, the green
An artistic composition
To put before the Queen

Faeries Mab was somewhere
In the verdure one just knows
Her dainty feet are bound to greet
The fleeting flitting prose
You could feel a rich ebullience
Of the souls of myriad charm
Invited from just everywhere
Excitement before the calm

voices sticks a banging
The Morris troopers they
“Styx of Stroud”.
Clearly embowed
With flashes and with sway
Making our way around the
Ancient burial site of old
In a soft seclusion
In a circle we could hold

hands, we closed our eyes
An energising drafts could feel
the ancients and the modern
a kind of neolithic reel
A kaleidescope of colours
Entrenched in modern day
Giving space to subsequence
Quietly we did pay

Respects to the ancestors
Where Youth and age create
A miasmic revelation
And a providential state
The Holly King young (Simon) and the Oak
King (Andy)did battle for a time
They talked themselves into the fight
It was well pitched and did climb

Into quite a battle royal with the great OAK
Beaten, he
Made the fight exciting though for
all of us to be
Part of it a throwback to ancient times
Where we
Created this re-enactment
In a ghostly reverie

“Styx of Stroud”ladies gents
Feathers and ribbons, they
Ebony and verdant flashes
The order of their day
Swishing wishing melodies
Dance and trance and we
Realised their energy
With a chance to also free

Ourselves from all the stresses
That occupy the world
Caught up in a kinetic sense
Where outside it all we are hurled
Its like a tourist heaven
Many nations come
Telescopic lenses drawn
To The Whistle and the drum

Following transmission
One and all aware
Melodic and so colourful
Just so many people there
And to be one of the Druids
Robed up and on our way
To our ritual amongst the sacred stones
On this warm summers day

With all the verve and splendour
Cajoled into the stream
Of consciousness arising
Re-living the dream
The ritual of the initiates
Some from far away
Wanting to join our merry band
And help to swell our day.

They all went through
The arch druid’s soft repose
We all recall those feelings
That tingle in the toes
From kneeling and from
Crossing the rope that helped us see
The conversion from a watcher
Into living alchemy

We also were then party
To A renewal of vows
A permanence of spirit
That destiny endows
Care and real togetherness
And the sharing From above
In a Neolithic space and time
The emphasis of Love

A blessing and the morsals
The honied mead so sweet
its all about polarities
And the pressure on our feet
On such hallowed ground
Where ancients have walked
And shared as we
Work our circle magick
In our shared ubiquity

The Bard he read his poem
In front the dolmen tall
Ragged from their great age
What if they should fall?
Against a bluish sky
feeling disablement a pain
And a tear rolled slowly down his cheek
In a lasting refrain

Onto the opportunity
For each of the players to
Introduce themselves and give account
For what they do
The speaking stick involvement
In the ritual we all share
Players in the sun light
Heard by all stood there

Time it waits for no one
And our ritual at an end
We left the neolithic
And to music did defend
Our right to be a procession
In our robed attire
To the beat of drum and whistle
An accordian, the fire
The spirit the vivacity
The reverie of soul
Back into normality
Observant of our goal

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