Running the Bulls at Pamplona in July

They sell it as a celebration
Tradition and culture they scream
Running the bulls through
For some it’s a nightmarish dream
Six angry Bulls and six lumbering cows
Hit the cobble stone narrows and run
Into the equation a bunch of consumers
Who take on the running for fun

You can run with the Bulls
You can watch from above
In the balconies high and yes low
If you fall best you stay
Never get up okay
or the BULL may attack
Then you’ll know

It’s supposed to be a spectacular show
Unique in the most exciting of ways
Many are injured gored really badly
The thundering hooves a malaise
An evil that’s sold to the public
To tourists who come from afar
They sell them the sash and bandana
And hopefully make them a star

The abuse its considerably rotten
The bulls they get savaged as well
Tail pulling punched every which way
Released and it just feels like hell
The streets are both narrow and cobbled
The bends they are dangerous and so
Bulls sometime slam into people
And blood well alas it does flow

It’s improbity now on a grand scale
It’s dishonest and leading to shame
It promises much and delivers so little
In no way is this a good game
In many ways shabby and full of abjectness
Abuse of the cows and the bulls
Abuse of the runners that’s what it is
But it’s touted around and it pulls

The rascals and spivs and the drunkards
Rogue rage from near and from far
Pickpockets out for your passports
Amorality she is the star
Degeneracy is the culture
Cruelty nastiness we
Run with the bulls in Pamplona
And if we are lucky we be

In the ring with the audience screaming
With the bulls charging us here and there
Chaos and bedlam it is no holiday
It is just week long despair
People are injured some very badly
Animals fifty or so
All will be tortured and slaughtered
The killing all part of the show

In this day and age to know better
To my mind is we ought to be
Able to enjoy our days in the sun
Without killing and maiming
The free
The animals left somewhere peacefully
Why run them to chaos and blood
Why anger them frighten them
Cause a melee from what is a great
Tourist flood

A great week of earning for Spain
Yes perhaps
Flogging the vino and more
The hotels are bursting with
Drunkards a plenty
In Pamplona they create a war
Of attrition and baseless and evil
The bulls get a pasting each day
Why doesn’t Spain wake up and realise
It’s madness has to go away

It’s over indulgence it’s guzzling
Too many drooled out around
Swigging the cava par for the course
To the clarion call and the sound
Where is the sanctity where is the honour
Where is the caring yes where
Why must we torture why must we injure
Why do we feed on despair

Pamplona is pain every which way
It’s unjustifiable they
Can find much better ways to enjoy
A blue sky
Than running the bulls all the day
They will not recant their lack of contrition
Everyone hearing would say
Spain needs to wake up and grow up
And listen and stop this
Yes stop this today

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