So many felt powerless
At seeing the pain
Prostration was livid
Again and again
Such barren impotence
Of those who would dare
To torture and murder
And live for despair

The Bulls were majestic
And awfully strong
Their intelligence promised
We knew it was wrong
But it still continued
The lust it did grow
The bloody were bloodied
As well we all know

Emphatic assertive
Tough to the core
Persistent and mighty
Their potency raw
Its was so one sided
Demolished they were
The vandals wore satin
Of course they were sure

Frenzy and ferment
It was on their side
Excessive and outrageous
Though always denied
Bad assed and rowdy
Unruly and wrong
Abuse it was constant
And was all along

Oblivion beckoned
Prophetic the need
In anticipation
That we could succeed
We felt the foreboding
The vision from far
A true revelation
A bright shining star

It was all symbolism
The shadowy past
Back in their subconscious
The evil lay cast
Unsaid and unpublished
Veiled and clandestine
A grisly secret
Far from divine

Hidden agenda’s
Purdah galore
The cultural store
Emphatic denial
Negative force
Abuse at its worst
Direct from the source

Mendacious behaviour
Deception all through
Too many imposters
The fraudulent few
Collusion and cozenage
Lies every which way
And just so much pain

Fanaticism unyielding
And they
The bull fighting moguls
Hard nosed a way
Uncompromising a bigoted bunch
Wilfully mulish
when it came to the crunch

A force of habit
An addiction maybe
To the pain that is Spain
In its title we see
Ritual observance
A hardening too
Bred in their bones
It all seemed so true

But now there’s a plan
There’s a point
and indeed there’s a sign
We have a new author
Whose head’s on the line
There is a new way
A fresh light in the sky
Abuse and cruelty
Need not apply

We are moving on
We have skills afterall
Reciprocity matters
A promise to call
Out the murdering scum
In their satins and sway
There is no excuse
For abuse any day

Our wealth and our affluence
It need not be
on the backs
Of the bulls
thats poverty
Thats destitution
Squalor and slum
The pittance of peril
The novice how numb

We can open our purses
And be generous too
The bulls and the calves
And the old horses who
Can enjoy retirement
Be touched by the sun
On beautiful pastures
When their day is done

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