Imber some thoughts

An ancient village on Salisbury Plain
A quiet little place
Where the saddest refrain
Came from one Albert Nash
A Blacksmith who worked
With clinker and ash

With honourable clients
Wanting his wares
His forty year stint
Well nothing compares
To the day the MOd
Came to his place
Told him to leave
And So they did chase

Him off of his property
It was like that
Get his coat and his hat
And just go
He was at
His lowest point ever
And soonest we hear
His heart broke
And he died
Cheerless poor dear

The invasion of Europe
Was imminent and they
Wanted somewhere
To put the US troops
The day
Came it was Imber
All the people were told
To get out to go
And Many were old

They didnt get paid
All their lifes work
They lost
It was their contribution
To the war effort
In the mix so to say
These poor folk
Had to go
From the records 150
You know

After the war the MOD
Decided to keep Imber
Entirely Folk free
They never came back
They lost everything
That was England for you
Just what they could bring

A church and a chapel
An Inn and a school
And cottages actually
Loved by them all
The army demolished
Most of them they
Had the upper hand
at the end of the day

Bell Inn, Imber Court two buildings
I hear
Still stand alone with the church
But its clear
They are in disrepair
And in so many ways
Warring had torn out the heart
And the days

Left are just memories
And history
The ghosts of the lost souls
Those who might still be
Wandering aimlessly
Still in their spaces
The injustice and artfulness
Still on their faces
Where were the morals
Poor Albert Nash
A lifetime at the anvil
And treated like trash

Surely a village close
Linked with those
To the henge up the road
And the spirits that chose
To walk back in history
Back to the times
When the Romans were present
And bards using rhymes

To record all the mysteries
Penned them so we
The so called new folk
And, the MOD
With its secret ops
With needs after all
The villagers gone
Along with the school

Basically wiped off the face
Of the plain
In the Domesday Book
But wont surface again
Its been bombed at and shot at
And munitions no doubt
Are bound to be
Lying just lying about.

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