South Koreans really like their dog meat
And dogs are caged and chained up
In markets in Pusan and Seoul
Animals are slaughtered
To order best believe it

For Their role
was murderer
And butcher and before your eyes
Choose the one you want
And watch it die
Many burned and skinned alive
Screaming wishing to survive
But tortured really
they try to apply

Perversion beyond anything
A slow and painful death creates
The taste
The tenderness Adds so much to the flavour
On what awful law
is their thought based
Dishonesty and improbity
For certain
Villainy and rascality for sure
This is the South Korean mentality
Something given thought
To just abhor

Animals rights campaigning
In Korea has brought to light
The terror that the dogs in cages feel
The total horror story its what some people had wanted
For them the blood and guts and smokes
So real
Thankfully the Govt is changing things
Stopping all this slaughter
And this pain
The markets closing in july for certain
SO Blood and guts will not be the refrain.

19 dog sellers
Clossing date at PUsan s korea

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