Grenfell 4

Seventy two seconds
Where nobody spoke
A silent march
Of the Grenfell folk
An evening where solace
Was painful and true
The people were waiting
Hoping that YOU
The government
The council
The cladders
Them all
The architects
The surveyors
Who all were on call
But nobody spoke up
Nobody knows
The pain and the suffering
Through silence it grows
Grenfell stills stands there
Covered in green
Inside we all know
The charred remains have been
There its a grave for so many and we
Cant wait any more
For their souls to fly free.
Baskets were opened
And pigeons flew free
Green balloons were sent
And wherever they be
People observing know
This energy
Is wanting so much
To see this misery
At least realise
What happened
Will be
Resolved so that
Grenfell folk
Can try to see
something constructive
Whereas we all know
High risers still exist
The risks therefore grow
People still waiting
To be rehoused they
Living in temporary homes
Every day
No one can settle
The pain of it all
No one’s been charged
It feels like a call
For a cover up
Just like the burnt out remains
Covered up lit up
Feel how this drains
Peoples emotions
Knowing its there
Feeling the stresses
Being aware.

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