Down feathers and Canadian Goose

Canada Goose
Says all its DOWN
Comes from the poultry industry
And all the Hutterite Geese that they use
Were slaughtered for meat
Thats really good news

So they are already dead
And then Canada Goose
Gets hold of their bodies
Thats what I deduce
So the Meat Trade and the DOWN Trade
Are able to be
In unison well I just dont agree

Birds regrow feather and
In six weeks
And so I think they harvest
Them at different peaks
Live birds are plucked of that I am sure
And all their conjecture
I have to ignore

we hear China exports
Some eight per cent
And living birds suffer
They never relent
From cruelty, China
Its DOWN and the rest
With the counterfeit jobbies
We know whose the best

Feathers and DOWN
For the pillows and coats
All this ethno religion
Its not sailing our boats
There is no means of knowing
Or proving that they
Get all of the DOWN
From the hutterite slay

And so it is suffering
Torture, its cruel
They treat all their customers
Just like a fool
As for the birds
All this pluckings wrong
And actually folks
It doesnt belong

In a world of respect
Of compassion and grace
All this selling,the softness
All over the place
Are we soft in the head
They seem to think so
And meanwhile the ducks and the geese
Feel the blow

Great heavy handed folk
Tearing them bare
Of feathers and DOWN
And all that is there
Ruputuring their skin
Making them bleed
This is the way
These bastards succeed

You dont need to be
Sleeping with torture
I hope you agree
Tbis loft and that loft
All words from the trade
Of torture and suffering
Jts clearly laid

On the shoulders of fiends
Its malicious and wrong
We don’t need to keep ourselves warm
And the long
And the short of it really
Is god gave the DOWN
To the ducks and the Geese
So that they would’t drown

Water logged they
Have all this softness
For it is the way
To safeguard them, not us
Hiking around
In snowy climes
On icy ground
Softness and warmth
Created so they
Can be warm and be safe
In the cold come what may.

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