As to light
Notice it’s clarity
It assists even old eyes
The light supplies
A extra brightness
I surmise
Many actual
shades of green
On just one single tree
Patterning and verdure
And sage all willowy

striations celebrations
Of sallow yellow pale
Of topaz amber mustard
We catch sight of a tail
Into a dark forest
Let secrecy exist
Beyond a case of tangled thorns
A menace of the mist

Mysteriously all hanging
Where faery kingdoms could
Provide a partial gloaming
Even deeper in the wood
The iridescent nature
The orb like marquetry
Of a tigers eye
A rainbow sigh
And The spangles I can spy.

We didn’t find a creature
Only it’s tail I saw
Vivid for that moment
And then someone closed a door
The inner child left
As to where and why
Had I just been day dreaming
Unable to rely

On the real or unreal notion
The illusory to see
The fabled the mythological
Perhaps imaginary
A phantom in the making
A sort of reverie
Litha was upon us
And The solstice seems to me

The romance of that moment
Exciting every sense
Chimerical an outcome
Possibly From whence
Aine yes the moon goddess
Gave the meadowsweet it’s scent
And The energy of the big sun
Effectively was spent

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