Behold the feathered choristers
Whose throats are full of song
Ascertaining Nature now conducts
Them all along
Melodic and rhapsodic
Peaceful and serene
Joyous thus inducing
ballads that have been

In our minds and in our hearts
Forever and a day
Just part of the folklore
Before they fly away
Their conviction is unshakable
It must feel so assured
What is the understanding
Coming from the bird

A gifted inspiration
Enlightenment perhaps
The little feathered luminaries
All that under wraps
The forest is awoken
A state of expectation
Emotional and beautiful
For some the true salvation

The empathy of sharing
The significance of caring
Meaningful and wonderful
And better for its airing
The essence and the spirit
Of Their music so sublime
Each moment of significance
Helps to pass the time

To give to us a meaning
For contemplation here
The candour of each moment
Recorded in our ear
The miracle they manifest
Hiding in a tree
Upon a bough of gorgeousness
It’s where I would love to be

Joining them on tiptoe
Above the canopy
In tune with the sky itself
With everything to see
Affirming every nocturn
That ever met the ear
Such clarity and exactness
Available right here

With such panache and gusto
The purest harmony
The beautiful falsetto
That ever there could be
A true articulation
A commentary of sorts
An honourable invective
Conjuring up sweet thoughts

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